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Top tips on making prepared lunches and snacks taste great

We’ve all been there – you’re sat with friends who have just bought a fresh salad or wrap from the Union café and you’re getting out a warm, soggy sandwich and crushed bag of crisps out of the bottom of your rucksack… It can taste a bit rubbish and you may feel tempted to throw it away and buy something. It’s not only bad to throw away food but it can also get expensive to spend £3 or more a day on lunch and snacks. If you spent £3 a day during University days on a meal deal, that’s £15 a week and £60 a week gone on just lunches!

Preparing your own food needn’t be so uninspiring. Here are our top tips to make your lunch taste great again:

• Work out what meals you cook taste great 1-2 days later, and what doesn’t. Some foods don’t transport well or simply don’t taste great cold or reheated.

• If you’re making a sandwich/wrap/pitta – prepare the filling the night before and only fill it in the bread counterpart the morning your eating it. Wrap the sandwich, wrap or pitta in foil for freshness and then place this in a reusable, transportable Tupperware, or glass/stainless steel box to stop it from getting crushed on the go.

• Consider buying good quality Tupperware that don’t leak the contents of your food. Some Tupperware pots and boxes also have compartments, which can alter how fresh your food tastes if the sauce is separated from the veggies for example.

• Purchase a stainless steel high quality flask that you can carry hot drinks, soups, hot dishes, or cold smoothies around easily.

Make use of University facilities such as microwaves if they have them – you can reheat last nights dinner in a matter of minutes.

Prepare snacks that are easy to transport and don’t spoil easily. We recommend making a big batch of these banana bread bars. Fruit, chopped veggies and a pot of hummus, nuts and seeds and yoghurts also transport well.

Bring cutlery with you – avoid having to use plastic cutlery which is not only bad for the environment, but food tastes much better from metal cutlery that we are used to.

Do you have any top tips you can share with us? Comment below to share them with us!



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