The Student Guide To Eating And Living For A More Sustainable Future

I need more help to Get Started!

If you wanted a little more detail on the Get Started roadmap, we’ve provided it all for you here. We’ve hidden this on the blog because not everybody likes to read lots of text, but secretly, we’ve included lots of tips and tricks for those who are really serious about getting started! Shhhh!

1. Choose Your Pledge

Choose which kind of pledge you want to take. We suggest choosing one that suits you and your lifestyle best, as you’re more likely to stick to it that way. Some of the options you could take could be:

  • go meat-free for one day a week. Choose one day of the week where you’ll eat meat-free for the entire day. ‘Meat-free Mondays’ can work well! Eventually, you can add more days to your pledge if you’re enjoying it.
  • go meat-free for one meal a day. Choose one meal of the day where you won’t eat meat on that meal every day. E.g. take the pledge to always eat a vegetarian lunch. We suggest choosing a lunch or dinner meal, as most breakfasts tend to easily be meat-free!
  • go meat-free for an extended period of time. This could be two weeks or an entire month. January is a great time to give up something as most people tend to opt to have new year’s resolutions. Other people have tried giving up meat for Lent which works well too.
  • go completely meat-free, or ‘cold turkey’ if you’ll pardon the pun. If you’ve dabbled with being vegetarian or you’ve taken a short-term pledge and you now want to take your lifestyle further (congrats!), take the choice to go meat-free completely. If you’re looking to go Vegan, where you don’t eat anything that is a by-product of animals (including dairy and eggs), be sure to check out the Nutrients page for more information on where to get all your vital vitamins from!

2. Explore

Explore the Worth my Earth website to get the most out of the resources we’re here to provide you with!

  • check out the Recipes page where you’ll find a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes created specifically for the student lifestyle. We’ve included cost per serving in every recipe so you can see how money you’ll be saving, as well as help you budget for your weekly food shop.  We’ve also ensured to use simple ingredients and kept the cooking times to a minimum, because we know how short on time you are after a long day at the library!
  • then head over to the Blog to find real students’ advice on living more sustainably. New posts are added weekly so keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to our blog to receive updates to your email inbox!

3. Save it

Screenshot or use your Favourites/Bookmark tool on your computer or phone/tablet to save your favourite recipes you want to try. This will help you when you’re stuck for ideas on what to cook or when you’re in the supermarket ready to do your weekly food shop.

4. Free posters!

Head to the Nutrients page to find free posters created especially for you, for free!

  • download to your computer, phone or tablet to quickly reference to.
  • print out to frame and display like artwork in your kitchen! Perfect during cooking big batch meals.
  • share on social media. We’ve created these for free because we know students don’t have much money, so make the use of these freebies and spread the word!

5. Spread the word

Share photos of your meat-free creations on social media to inspire your friends and family. You’ll also find others in the Worth my Earth community who are saving the planet with you, use the hashtag #WorthMyEarth to get sharing and get finding new friends!

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